Vaughn Donayre vs Amir Khan - One Championship

Vaughn Donayre vs Amir Khan - One Championship

Vaughn Donayre vs Amir Khan - One Championship

SINGAPORE — SINGAPORE — Now confronted with Vaughn Donayre, this current city's own special Amir Khan said he's not losing rest over adjusting to another rival without prior warning. 

"I don't generally need to alter on anything," Khan said amid the ONE: Defending Honor open exercises at Evolve MMA rec center here on Tuesday. "It's quite recently extraordinary body sorts." 

But on the other hand he's snappy to recognize the critical aspects of his Filipino adversary's diversion. Donayre came in to supplant a harmed Samir Mrabet, who hurt his spine. 

"His qualities would be his strength and enclosure encounter," the 22-year-old said of his new enemy. "I am not messing with him by any methods, but rather I am additionally not excessively worried about what he can do to me. 

"I don't generally stress over his hooking. I saw the battle against Peter Davis- - where he took (Donayre) down and completed him in the first round," he included. 

Donayre—the other Filipino to contend in the masterpiece here on Friday—is an understudy who will battle out of FitRepublik in Dubai. Brought up in Cebu, the 8-5 lightweight is eager for his initially win under the ONE pennant.


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