Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn - Boxing Fullshow

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn - Boxing Fullshow

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn - Boxing Fullshow

THE highly-anticipated boxing rematch between Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquaio won't be held at Suncorp Stadium and ticket prices are likely to jump as a result.

Jeff Horn's head trainer Glenn Rushton told Channel 7 that the likely venue if the rematch takes place in Queensland is the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall in Brisbane's north.

With the rematch rumoured to be at the end of the year, possibly November, Queensland's unpredictable hot weather would rule out Suncorp, Mr Rushton said.

"We could have a really bad storm, we could have a cyclone for all we know. So there's a lot of risks there in trying to do that so I think the safe option would be to go to Boondall," he said. said.

The Entertainment Centre can hold just 15,000 people, compared to Suncorp's 52,500. Ticket prices would likely be increased to make up for the smaller numbers of spectators.

Promoter Dean Lonergan, from Duco Events, said he is still in talks with the Queensland Government about the rematch and it was too early to speculate about the venue.

Mr Lonergan said he was very loyal to Queensland following the huge public and government support for the first fight and that he would prefer to see the rematch in Queensland, as opposed to Sydney or Melbourne.

He also said if the rematch is held in November the Brisbane Entertainment Centre would be a better venue than the open-air Suncorp, which would be too hot and at a high risk from storms.


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